Hair transplant is for patients who wish to regrow hair on their scalp where there is none or just a small amount of hair. The aim of a hair transplant is to enhance a patient’s appearance. Patients also inquire about the various forms of hair transplants available and how long the results last.

So to answer all these questions Dr. Audumbar Borgaonkar will discuss everything that you should know about the hair transplant surgery along with the hair transplant cost in Navi Mumbai.

Hair Transplant

Hair follicles are removed from the thick portion of the scalp, i.e. the back of the patient’s head, during this process. It’s referred to as the donor region in medical terms. After the hair grafts have been extracted, they will be inserted one by one on the problematic region. There are two types of hair transplants:

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) involves the removal of a …

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Various Services

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Lighting Installation or Repair

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Why should you consider hiring Houston elderly care?

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring Houston elderly care providers. As a Houston Elderly Care Provider, you want to take care of the elderly in an enjoyable, and rewarding experience. As a Home Health Care Provider, try to give a unique experience while doing this. You want to have in-home caregivers that will not only work with the elderly but will also work with them in their normal daily activities. Personalized care services, …

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DWI Penalties

DWI penalties depend on many different factors. The most common ones include fines, jail time, and alcohol programs. If you are arrested for being drunk in your vehicle, then you should consult with a Houston DWI defense lawyer right away. The first thing that houston dwi defense lawyer will do is to figure out exactly what the situation is and whether or not you have been driving under the influence. The most common …