5 Family Vacation Tips for More Fun


Vacationing with family fun days should be a fun activity. However, it is undeniable that sometimes this requires a quite troublesome preparation, especially if your children are still quite small. Take it easy, you just need to do a few tips below so that family holidays can run more pleasantly.

  1. Performing Preparations from Far Away Day

When do you plan to take a vacation with family? Prepare since long ago, if you can at least a month before. That way, you can have more time to discuss with your family, such as budget, tourist destinations you want to visit, hotels to be occupied, and so on. Not only that, making preparations from afar also allows you to arrange time off at work and adjust work. So, during the holidays with your family later, you will not be bothered by calls or emails from the office.

  1. Anticipating Children’s Needs

If your child is a baby or toddler, there will be times when they will be fussy. Usually, the cause is related to biological needs, such as drowsiness, hunger, or want to urinate. As a parent, you certainly have memorized your child’s biological needs, right? Therefore, do anticipation so that your family vacation is not interrupted by the cry of the Little One. Store milk in a bag that is easily affordable so you can immediately give it to your child. Or for children who are used to urinating in the toilet, you can often ask him if he needs to go to the toilet.

  1. Don’t Forget to Bring Cash

Today’s technology does allow you to make cashless purchase transactions. However, carrying cash still cannot be forgotten. After all, not all stores provide payment services using debit and credit cards. In addition, bringing cash also allows you to manage expenses during the holidays because you can immediately see the amount of money left. That way, you will think twice before spending the cash.

  1. Book Accommodation with a Different Sleeping Area

If possible, book a hotel or other accommodation place that provides a different sleeping area than just a standard room with two beds. The price may be more expensive, but this will help you to get a good night’s sleep so that holiday activities can be maximized. If all family members sleep in the same room, you automatically have to sleep when the child sleeps. This certainly does not matter if you really want to sleep fast. However, if you want to have more privacy with your partner, ordering a hotel with a different sleeping area is the right step you must take.

  1. Occasionally Give a Surprise to a Child

Insert a small gift in your suitcase to give to the child if he manages to be nice during the holidays. For example, the Little One is not fussy at all during flight. After getting off the plane, you can give him chocolate or toys as a gift. In addition, for family vacations to be more enjoyable, let your child choose their own souvenirs in the places you visit. Although it looks trivial, this can create a valuable memory in your child’s mind.


Not all holidays will go according to the plans that have been made. However, whatever happens, enjoy every moment of your vacation with your family. The events that occur during the holidays will be valuable and unforgettable moments. Have a good vacation!