All You Need to Know About Cannabis Edibles


Cannabis has a ton of benefits. Cannabis contains CBD which is a chemical that has the ability to improve brain function without making you feel high. Cannabis also contains THC which has characteristics that can relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

There are many products on the market today, including cannabis edibles, that contain cannabis due to its many health benefits but what exactly are those benefits? Check out the list below to learn how cannabis is helping millions of people across the world with a variety of issues and ailments.

Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are found in cannabis and they have been linked to providing relief to people who suffer from chronic pain, including back pain and neck pain. More and more physicians are even prescribing medical cannabis as a way to provide pain relief for their patients. People who suffer from arthritis and multiple sclerosis have also found relief from cannabis products.

Increase of Lung Capacity

Many people associate smoking cannabis with smoking cigarettes made with tobacco. The two are not the same as cigarette smoking has been proven to be very harmful to lung function while studies have shown that cannabis smoking can actually increase lung capacity versus being harmful to the lungs.

Promotes Weight Loss

If you look around, you will notice that the avid cannabis user is usually not overweight. That is because cannabis is linked to aiding your body in regulating insulin while managing caloric intake efficiently.

Impact of Insulin Levels and Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that cannabis can help in the regulation of insulin levels, preventing diabetes in some people. Since it stabilizes blood sugars, it will improve your blood circulation and lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Cancer Fighter

Cannabis has been linked to the prevention of certain types of cancers, including lung cancer even if it is smoked. Studies have shown that in certain cases, cannabis prevents the development of tumor growth.

Helps Treat Mood Disorders and Alzheimer’s disease

Cannabis has been shown to affect the moods of people which means it is great for not only depression and anxiety but also autism and Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive degeneration has been shown to cause Alzheimer’s disease and the endocannabinoids in cannabis contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight the brain inflammation that is involved in Alzheimer’s disease. It is the endocannabinoid compounds that are found in cannabis that help stabilize mood and calm users down. It can even help people who suffer from frequent mood swings that can cause them to become violent in stabilizing their moods. Many people who battle post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also use cannabis products for their calming abilities.


Children and adults with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) have a hard time focusing on tasks which can hamper their learning ability and affect the way they interact with others. They suffer from cognitive issues and poor concentration. Cannabis can help them to be able to pay attention to tasks for longer periods of time. Cannabis products are much safer for people, especially children, than pharmaceuticals on the market for these disorders, such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Focalin, which can cause liver damage and other adverse health issues.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can lead to blindness due to the abnormal amount of pressure it causes that damages the optic nerve. Cannabis can reduce inflammation in the eyeball, providing some amount of relief to people who suffer from this serious eye issue.

Hepatitis Treatment Side Effects

Cannabis products aid in reducing the effects of treatment for hepatitis C, including nausea, depression, extreme fatigue, and muscle aches throughout the body. The treatment can last up to one year so people who are undergoing this type of therapy find relief from a variety of cannabis products.

Inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome are difficult for people who suffer from them to deal with, along with Crohn’s disease. Cannabis helps block bacteria and other elements that cause inflammation in the intestines enhance the body’s immune response, providing some amount of relief to the victims of the diseases. Gut health is important to everyone’s overall health and well-being and cannabis products can help achieve it.

Parkinson’s Disease

People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease experience uncontrollable tremors and shakes, along with pain, which makes it very difficult for them to sleep or simply rest. Cannabis products help promote sleep and have been shown to improve the motor skills of people who suffer from this horrible disease.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol receive relief from their drugs of choice by using cannabis products instead. Cannabis is known to be a much healthier alternative and can aid in the person’s battle to overcome addiction.

Cannabis-infused food and drinks, also known as cannabis edibles, are gaining in popularity and contain cannabinoids and THC. Cannabis edibles are known more as a food product while cannabis-infused drinks are referred to as liquid edibles or drinkables.

Cannabis edibles are foods that are created with cannabis flower or concentrate and you can find a wide variety of those food items. From delicious baked goods to lollipops and mints, you can purchase an array of foods there are cannabis-based.

Cannabis edibles work pretty much the same way food any other type of food does. In other words, you eat it and it’s absorbed through your stomach and its compounds are metabolized in your liver. Any remaining THC there is left in your body that is not absorbed in your stomach will circulate through the heart and reach your brain which is the reason that cannabis and THC are great for relieving pain and can help with mood disorders. It takes between 45 minutes and three hours to feel the effects of the cannabinoids and the THC after ingesting a cannabis edible.

How Are Edibles Made?

Cannabis-infused edibles that are found at dispensaries and other marketplaces are created using hashish which is a cannabis distillate or from pure cannabinoid crystals which are infused into the edible via a fat source, such as oil or butter. It is important to know which form of cannabis concentrate was used in the production of the edible that you choose because it will make a difference in how it affects you and your body.

Cannabis edibles include marijuana foods as well as CBD foods. Marijuana edibles, such as brownies or cookies, are made with canna-butter or canna-oil. Canna-butter is made from ground-up cannabis flower and mixed with water. It is left unsalted and you can use this butter in any baking recipe that you want to as well as the canna oil.

What To Look for on a Cannabis-Infused Food Label

If you are buying cannabis edibles at a dispensary, you will want to make sure the label’s information is sourced properly, that the cannabis has been extracted properly and that the food or drink item is carefully formulated so that it contains the correct amounts of THC and other ingredients that are required. It is good to do some research to ensure that you’re getting a quality product before you spend your money.

The Lasting Effects of the Cannabis Edible

Cannabis edibles can provide you with a psychoactive effect that can last from two hours to a whopping 12 hours which is half of your entire day. The length of time the effects will last depend on the amount of THC that you ingest and the type of edible you chose to consume. The best edibles on the market are the ones with effects that last as long as you prefer them to last. This is something you can do on your own by trying a small serving size at first so, trial and error. For example, if you purchase your first cannabis-infused brownie, do not eat the entire brownie in one sitting. Try taking a small amount and see how that affects you before you eat more.

Cannabis-infused foods include brownies and cookies but so many more. Most people just think of baked goods when they think of cannabis-style foods but now the market offers gummies, lozenges, candy, pasta, sauces, potato chips, and even bacon. Any food that is created with milk, sugar, oil, flour, or butter can be turned into a cannabis-infused edible.

Cannabis-Infused Drinks

From alcohol and coffee to sodas and teas, companies that create edibles are experimenting to bring more and more different types of cannabis-infused beverages to the marketplace. Much like cannabis-infused foods, the drinks boast THC that is metabolized through the stomach. These drinks can affect you just as hard and quickly as if you overeat an edible that you are not yet used to so go easy at first. For instance, do not drink an entire case of cannabis-infused soda or alcohol. Just have one at first to see how it affects you before downing another one.


Tinctures are a type of edible that you place under your tongue or in your mouth, where they are absorbed into your body. They are alcohol-based extracts that you use with a dropper to put it into your mouth or on your tongue so it can be absorbed into your bloodstream more rapidly than other forms of cannabis-based edibles. Tinctures can also be added to your food or drinks. The great thing about tinctures is that you get to control how much you put into your body at one time which is not as easy to do with baked goods and other foods.

Dissolvable Cannabinoid Powder

Newer to the cannabis world, dissolvable cannabinoid powders are odorless and tasteless. People who do not like the taste of cannabis but still want the medicinal properties from it now have a great option. This powder can be used in any food or drink so basically you can turn any food or drink into a cannabis-infused edible. You can even use it when cooking or baking so it is extremely versatile.

CBD Edibles

If you want the medicinal benefits that are similar to marijuana-based edibles but without the psychoactive effects, a CBD edible should be the one that you opt for instead. These types of edibles come in the same forms as the THC edibles but only contact a very small amount of THC. From cakes and pasta to gummies and cookies, there are plenty of edibles to choose from that fall under the CBD edibles category, very similar to the edibles with an increased level of THC in them.


With laws changing across the country to be more cannabis-friendly, dispensaries are opening up in hundreds of locations. There are many types of dispensaries, from high-end lounges to Boho-style bars, there is a dispensary for everyone. For example, when it comes to dispensaries, there are several to choose from across the city. From pot shops to luxury cannabis retailers, you will have an array of dispensaries to decide upon when visiting this great city and will be able to choose which one is your favorite Seattle dispensary.

As more and more dispensaries are popping up across the country, you will be able to determine which style suits your fancy and you feel more comfortable visiting. From the knowledge of the staff members to the selection of products offered, it will become easier to pick a place you like best as more dispensaries open throughout the nation. Soon, it will be easy for you to obtain the edibles of your choice at a location near you.