How Preschool Can Benefit You and Your Child


Even though it is hard as a parent to let your child go for the first time, it is very important that you take this first step and place them in a preschool in your area. By putting your child in preschool you can help them with separation anxiety, learning about authoritative figures, and help greatly with their brain development. Children can easily skip through preschool and go directly to kindergarten, but it doesn’t always go without consequence. Allowing your child that extra year of help to learn about the schooling process will be beneficial to everyone involved.

Reduces Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is very common with younger children as they have spent their entire lives at home at their parent’s side. By using a pre school West Jordan UT, you can help reduce the amount of separation anxiety your child will feel in kindergarten as preschool normally runs half a day which helps them get a head start on elementary school life. By just throwing your child into kindergarten with no idea on how to stay away from their parents for an entire day, chances are their separation anxiety levels will be high.

Brain Development

Preschool is an excellent way to help your child’s brain develop quicker than if you started them off in kindergarten with no schooling background. At preschool the teacher will help your children understand the concepts of sharing, schedules, helping others, and a variety of other life skills to help to make school easier for them. Most children need the extra year before kindergarten to help them become prepared for a school schedule that consists of specific timing, multiple classes, and learning how to work in groups. Without this extra year of schooling, children can become easily frustrated during their first year.

Learning About Authority

Authority is a very important thing for children to learn when it comes to the school system. Not knowing what an authoritative figure is can result in them acting out during class or being disrespectful to other students and teachers. During preschool hours your child will learn about authority and the importance of listening throughout the school day as well as at home with their parents. Not only will this be beneficial to the teachers, but also to you as a parent to help you and your child see eye to eye better at home.

Before setting the thought of preschool aside for your child, keep in mind the many benefits including helping them learn about authority, decreasing their separation anxiety, and helping their brain develop quicker. Not only are these benefits worth enrolling your child for, but they will also be in their glory with making new friends and participating in fun, educating activities. As a parent, the transition may be difficult, but it is important to keep in mind that preschool will only benefit you and child in the long run with the new early knowledge your child will acquire with an early start to elementary school life.