Tests You Can Do if/before You are Get Pregnant


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. New life is born out of two lives that have been walking around on this earth for a while, how cool and special is that? You have a beautiful, sweet, wonderful partner and you are very happy with him or her. You have consciously decided to have a baby or you have not and it has come anyway; it does not matter because it is wonderful! That is why we firstly want to congratulate you guys with your upcoming little you. It is the half of you and the half of your partner, how awesome is that? But pregnancy also brings up a lot of stress. This is unwanted, but it does happen anyway. That is why we want to help you a little. We want to give you some guidance in the journey to a newborn child. We will do that by providing you with some information about tests you can do while you are pregnant or before you get pregnant. This way the pregnancy may become a lot less stressful, we hope so anyway! Let’s get started.

DNA test

We know this may sound a little bit over the top, but we will recommend it you anyway. If you get pregnant or if your partner gets pregnant, there may be any type of implications going on. We do not know anything about your personal life or your relationship, but it is possible that one of you has been unfaithful or something like that. That is why you can do a DNA test while pregnant. This DNA test is a non-invasive one. There will be take a saliva monster in most cases. This monster will be sent to the lab and there it will be analysed. After this has been done, you will receive the results of the test.

Sperm check

This is a completely different type of test, but it is wise to think about this before getting pregnant/trying to become pregnant. A spermcheck fertility is easily done and not that expensive at all. Why? Because it will make it a lot easier. If you know what your sperm count is/what your partner’s sperm count is, you know what you can count on (pun intended). This way you will know if you even can get pregnant with your partner or the other way around.