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Ensure Your Pond Cleanliness By Using the Right Equipment

If you have a pond in your garden, it is understandable that it will require caring and maintenance for your inhabitants. Both filtration and regular spot cleans are standard requirements for your pond but don’t forget that it also requires at least once every spring of a pond clean out.

By doing a full clean out of your pond, you are already resetting the environment. If you will attend to the plants of your pond, remove the muck buildup and repair the fixtures, you will help the inhabitants to be happier and healthier.

You may think that a full garden clean out is an overwhelming task but it is not actually despite the effort and time you spare for it. With the help of this article, pond clean out becomes easier.

To begin with, don’t forget to properly prepare your holding tank. The reason for having a holding tank is for your fishes to be transferred there while you do the cleaning. The size may vary depending on how big your fish is. Next, place your holding tank in a shaded area but make sure it is near your pond so that it will not be difficult for you to pump water from the pond to the tank. The tank doesn’t have to be filled completely for as long as the fishes are already comfortable with the water level.

You must also consider using a pump sock that will help your pond pump from preventing the suck up of large debris or even blocking it. By using this sock, this will prevent the fish from possible suck up. Although large fishes are aware of pumps and they don’t get near it, it will still be safer if you have a pump sock.

If you plan on your catching your fishes, the secret to this is to catch it once the water level goes down to one foot. Once the level of the water is one foot, it will be easier for you to catch the fish since there’s limited space for them to hide and flee. But put in mind that you must be gentle when you use the fish net.

Don’t forget to use a power washer if you want to thoroughly remove the muck as compared to using a hose.

Lastly, you need to check on your plants and lighting, too, thus, a totally drained pond is a must. By doing so, it will not be difficult for you to check for overgrown plants. Also, this will be your opportunity to check on the entire low areas of your pond if there’s any sign of damages and other problems.

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