3 Reasons Why Reading Is Crucial to Childhood Development


Reading is an essential skill that every child should learn. Unfortunately, the rise of screen-based technology has led to a downfall in reading habits. If you are a parent, here are three big reasons why you should encourage your child to read.

1. Holistic Learning

Quality books give children the opportunity to learn advanced concepts involving language acquisition, dramatic expression, emotional empathy, and moral development. In other words, books encourage children to learn with their whole selves, not just their academic or physical selves.

This type of learning can be enhanced by parental co-reading. Encourage your child to slow down and thoroughly examine book illustrations. Frequently ask your child questions about plots, characters, and literary themes. After finishing a reading session, take a few minutes to discuss what was read.

2. Critical Thinking

Reading helps a child develop their critical thinking skills. Critical thinking, simply defined, is the act of observing the world, identifying bits of information, analyzing that information, and drawing conclusions about it. Books – especially those that do not outright spell out every bit of the plot and its ramifications – encourage active speculation and thematic interpretation.

3. Memory Improvement

It is no secret that reading helps all people improve their memory. In order to read, children must accomplish many tasks involving their memory. First, they must recognize letters, associate those letters with sounds, and string the sounds together to form a word. Then, they must remember what the word means. Next, they must connect multiple words together to form a coherent sentence. Finally, they must remember multiple sentences at a time to understand the narrative.

Needless to say, reading requires a significant amount of mental energy; thus, reading will give your child’s brain a thorough exercise. The more your child flexes their “reading muscles”, the better their short-term and long-term memory will become.

In conclusion, reading has many benefits and practically no drawbacks. Help your child learn holistically, develop their critical thinking skills, and improve their memory by putting a book in their hands.