Consider This Before Selecting a Lawyer for Child Custody


Deciding custody of children using legal channels is a last resort if a spouse or parent does not reach an agreement in a family conversation. To make it easier to take care of them at court, it is not uncommon for each party to also use the services of a child custody lawyer.

Even so, choosing a lawyer as a companion related to child custody is not an easy matter. Parents must be very clever to find the best Child Custody Lawyers Melbourne. In order not to choose the wrong, you should consider the following before choosing a lawyer for custody of the child.

Have Official License

The main thing to consider when looking for a divorce lawyer, as well as child custody, is official permission. This can show the attorney’s credibility, and reduce the risk of fraud. A lawyer with an official permit means that he has received recognition from an authorized legal institution in Indonesia. It is best to ask about the origin of the advocacy organization that is being followed by the prospective lawyers to be chosen.

Look at the price offered

Different lawyer services, also different rates offered. This depends on the credibility and flight service hours. The more credible and experienced and have high flying hours, the more expensive price to pay. Even so, do not be fooled, because the high cost of rent does not always guarantee the quality of the services provided. Conversely, affordable rental prices also do not mean poor service quality.

Find a lawyer who doesn’t prioritize emotion

When witnessing trials of various issues, whether on television or directly to the court, you may have found one or two people who are so emotional in defending clients. This can be taken into consideration when choosing a child custody lawyer. Because the emotions that are difficult to control will make the desired goals difficult to achieve.

Not only that, but the chosen lawyer must also agree with you, in order to reach the best agreement between the two parties relating to family law.

Having good negotiation and litigation skills

Next, look for lawyers who have good negotiation and litigation skills. Negotiation here is the ability of lawyers to defend and mediate and find the best solution for both parties. Meanwhile, litigation is needed if the lawyer has to defend the client if things happen that are contrary to the facts. Lawyers also must have the best strategy as a shield to protect clients.

Choose a Lawyer Who Follows the Procedure

Finally, look for child custody lawyers who work according to applicable legal procedures without wanting to prolong the process. If the process of ownership of child custody is carried out through legal channels, the final decision is coercive and must be made by both parties. It is not impossible that the judge’s decision is not in line with expectations, but you still have to accept and run it without having to use another route or extend the process.