How to Choose Quality TV Content to be Educational for Your Kids


As this year comes to an end, most families can be found practising social distancing so reduce the impact of this pandemic, and it’s only natural that kids end up watching more TV than usual. If you’re one of such families and are currently looking for a place to buy yourself a good TV for these turbulent lockdown times, Smiths TV has all types of TV’s and you may be able to find just the right one for you. And if you’re looking to make this time even more entertaining than usual for your kids, you can check out EMP online which have a great amount of merchandise of movies, DC comics superheroes, games, Disney, Marvel Superheroes and many more, to make their time at home even more fun

Many parents are struggling to work from home and not being able to provide their kids with their previous outdoor, after-school activities and other ways to engage them. So it’s normal that they may need to pause their usual screen-time rules and resort to television to help them with their load. But it’s also good that their screen time becomes not just a source of entertainment but to also make use of the enormous educational potential that television has. And it doesn’t have to be boring educational shows, since it is known that children learn best through play. Learning through watching TV can be really entertaining too.

Most kids today are watching TVs and playing with tablets and smartphones even way before doing other activities like swimming or riding a bike, so it is good that these devices stimulate them in these formative years through educational apps and games, and even research on the internet. It is also good to be aware and actively curate the content that kids can see in these devices, because kids will emulate and learn from the behaviour that they watch on TV, such as violent and sexual behaviour and can absorb behaviours like smoking, drinking, gender-roles and other stereotypes. Watching violent acts on television can also lead to kids having nighmares, anxiety, fear and other symptoms following the exposure to visual violence, among other behaviour problems related to the exposure to images that they yet can’t understand and assume maturely. So whether it is educational or just entertainment, take care to present them with content that gives them a good example.

And now to the fun part: whether you’ve got older kids or preschoolers, whether they’re interested in superheroes or are more on the curious side of things, here are some of the most interesting and entertaining TV shows that are great for children and family, and for a great bonding time, that are available right now on various networks and streaming services.

The first one would be Friendship Is Magic, an all-teen, all-female team of superheroes who have to keep Metropolis safe for ages 8 and over. Wizards: Tales of Arcadia, a sci-fi/fantasy epic trilogy in which one of Merlin’s wizard apprentice has to go on a journey to gain control of the magic that binds the worlds of trolls, aliens, and wizards, for ages 7 and over. And Super Monsters, with a new class of kids that have arrived at Pitchfork Pines and who want to learn to use their powers, for ages 4 and over. Other interesting shows, from various streaming services, for kids include Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Tumble Leaf and Sid the Science Kid. And those are just a few of the best, but there is so much out there that is educational and entertaining for your kids, it’s just a web search away.