How to Educate Five Year Old Children


When our child enters the age of five, it means that the child will end his baby period, and at that age, the child can show the characteristics who are always active, happy to find out the environment around him, and also begin to develop self-awareness. The more children age, the more stimulation we have to give, of course, one of them is education, the purpose of education is children can grow well and of course education is given by every parent will be different, and the children adjust their catching abilities, by sending your child to International School Bangkok like Brighton College is the right choice. Brighton College offers academic excellence by upholding culture, tolerance among religious people, and others.

Here are some ways that parents can apply to educate children over the age of five, including:

  • Learn to read

Learning to read is the basis of education which as parents want to hone the child’s simple cognitive abilities, reading lessons is also a variation so the children do not continue to play. In reading lessons, the child can be taught to children five years aged and over, but do not force your child, wait when the child is ready if your child is five years old and above, then maybe we can start teaching the child to continue reading quickly.

  • Teach honesty

At the age of five, young children must be taught about the importance of honesty. The first way to teach the child and encourage children, to be honest, is that we have to be honest because, at the age of vulnerable children, they will tend to lie because they have a fear of telling the truth. Children tend to cover up their mistakes by lying because if honest, they will be afraid of being scolded by their parents.

  • Learning to Love Family 

Children at an early age need to be taught how to foster their love and affection. This feeling needs to be grown so the children can feel the importance of affection and love for the family. If they are accustomed, then the child can indirectly do that outside the home. For example, affection for a friend of his age that makes the child will not do anything rude to his friend, how to instill a sense of love and affection can be directly shown by parents. Especially mothers to their children.