How to Start a Side Business with Small Capital


Having a job is what many people want, by having a job someone can make money which can then be used to buy various kinds of necessities, from primary to secondary needs.

But not a few people who already have a job, but still want other income, whether it’s the income they get doesn’t cover their needs or because they really want to have a side business so they can get additional savings that they can save.

Other things that can make us jump into having a side business are:

Seeing Business Opportunities that People Don’t Realize

Apart from the two factors above, a side business can also occur when we see a business opportunity that many people don’t realize. Even this side business can start from a fad, but if you run it painstakingly and indeed the type of business you run is a promising business but many people haven’t realized it, it’s likely that this business will run smoothly.

Saturated With Work

Although there are many unemployed people who want to have a job, in fact there are also many workers who are bored or bored with the work they have, boredom with work here can be caused by several factors such as boredom with the work atmosphere. There is no development in terms of income or in terms of knowledge gained, and it could be that the work being carried out is not a job that is in accordance with the interests of the workers themselves until finally trying to create a side business in the hope that it can become the main job that is carried out.

To be able to have this side business, we are required to have an idea of ​​the type of business that will be run, and also good time management, and certainly when we want a side business, we are also required to have sufficient capital.

When imagining capital, we usually imagine large capital, but it turns out that there are still many types of businesses that can be run even though you only have small capital, what kind of business are they? And how do you start a business? Let’s discuss together.

1. Motorcycle Washing Services

We can clearly see that there are more and more motorbike users on the streets, and it seems that in Indonesia almost every family or every house has a motorbike. In addition to motorbikes requiring routine maintenance and servicing of the engine, another thing that must be done by the owner is washing them regularly.

But you need to know that not all motorbike owners want to wash their motorbikes, whether they’re lazy or just don’t have time, for that motorbike washing services can be a pretty good business opportunity. Although not a few people also open motorbike washing services, as already explained, there are very, very many motorbike users!

2. Buying and selling used motorbikes

As said above, the number of motorbike enthusiasts is increasing day by day, it is even known that motorbike dealers in the regency are able to issue 50 to 100 motorbikes per week, then why don’t you take part in the sale and purchase of this motorbike which is sure to be profitable.

If you are interested in doing this business, you can use the lead conversion squared software to help you open this business.

Tips for Smooth Your Business

There are still many types of businesses or businesses that you can do, but don’t forget to do various ways so that your side business can run smoothly, what are the tips? let’s discuss together.

Choose the Business You Are Good at

Even though there are many promising choices, it is recommended that you choose a business or type of business that you are good at, for example you are more interested in selling then choose to sell. If your interest is in services, then do a service business, because if you only imitate or also want to be like other people without having the same interests, then later you will feel forced when running it. With a feeling like that what you do will not feel good, so try to have your interests first.