Not Only Helps Clarify Vision, but These Minus Glasses Are Also Comfortable and Cool When Used


There are at least two main assets needed by a worker: a brain that must always think and an alert eye to make sure all work runs smoothly. Staring at the streets or observing the terrain all day for a long time will often make eye problems, such as eye fatigue, irritation, or even be a minus. If you want to buy minus glasses with a trendy model and at an affordable price you can visit

Minus the eye is a vision problem when seeing far or myopia (nearsightedness). If it is not quickly handled, the minus number will increase. Small glasses are the most common solution to overcome minus an eye. The right minus glasses will be able to ease the burden on the eye muscles, so they don’t get tired easily and make normal vision return.

Important Tips for Choosing Minus Glasses

Why is it important to choose the right minus glasses? Because this involves your most important asset, eyes. Inappropriate minus glasses will only make your eye muscles heavier, as a result, minus eyes will worsen the situation.

Instead of normal vision again, your daily activities will be disrupted because of the selection of inappropriate glasses. Here are some simple tips on choosing minus glasses.

Use Glasses with the Right Lens Size

Make sure the minus glasses you wear match the severity of your minus eye. The severity of minus is measured by diopters (D). There are three minus eye severity levels: minus 0.5D-3D (low myopia), minus 3D-6D (moderate myopia), and minus 6D and above (severe myopia).

After confirming your minus severity, make sure you get the right lens size for your minus glasses. In general, if you are only affected by a minus, the only lens needed is a single lens for minus eye problems. In the case of parents, a double lens is generally chosen, namely a minus lens and a plus lens (for nearsightedness) at once.

Comfortable Nose pad Makes Glasses Comfortable To Wear Long

In addition to the right-sized of the dress, you should also pay attention to the comfort factor of wearing glasses. Nose pad or nose pads are important factors in determining the comfort of glasses when you wear.

Heavy glasses can make the nose pad exert excessive pressure on the bridge area (the back of the nose). As a result, you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, choose sunglasses that are lightweight, with non-glass lenses (glass material is heavy enough as a lens) and lightweight eyeglass frames. Choose one that has a silicone nose pad so you are comfortable wearing it, even for a long time.

Anti-radiation Lenses Make Comfortable Long Time in Front of a Computer

You can choose a regular minus glass or minus glass plus anti-radiation. For the first, you only get regular minus glasses, without additional features. If you work a lot outside, maybe you need minus glasses that can also protect your eyes from the dangers of UV (ultraviolet).

Meanwhile, minus anti-radiation glasses have the advantage of being able to ward off harmful rays from the eye – other than as minus glasses.

Also, there are minus glasses that can protect your eyes from exposure to light radiation and electromagnetic waves coming from your computer screen or gadget. Well, you just choose according to your needs.

Adjust the Glasses Frame Model with the Face Shape

You should also pay attention to the model of the eyeglasses frame that you will wear. Although you are free to choose any frame shape, generally the face shape has a certain type of frame that matches.

For example, a square face will match the curved bow eyeglass frames that will disguise the hard impression of your face. A round face works well with square frames with a dark color that will help disguise the shape of the face. The triangular face matches the oval-shaped frame. If you have an oval face, you are free to wear any frame.