SF State’s Department of Biology provides a dynamic studying atmosphere, exciting analysis opportunities, and mentorship by world-class scientists. Students registered in the Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation Program may take this course after completion of Biology 131. This course provides an introduction to the science of Biology, with emphasis on life processes on the mobile and molecular level.biology

This course is designed to offer students with a better understanding of evolution and the way it applies to different biology courses and to their lives typically. 20 In addition, the phenomenon of vitality stream happens in cells in processes which can be part of the operate often called metabolism Finally, cells include hereditary info ( DNA ), which is passed from cell to cell throughout cell division.

The Department of Biology gives a graduate program leading to the Master of Science in Biology. Biology is the science of life. ‌‌We welcome workers and college students from around the world; celebrating excellence, breadth and diversity throughout the spectrum of contemporary biology, from ecology to biomedicine.biology

An excellent understanding of biology offers clear insights into the importance of vitamins and minerals to the fundamental features of life and the need to insure an satisfactory consumption of these via a mix of food regimen and dietary supplements.biology

Students may complete an Honours Diploma in any of the three Biology streams (Normal, Life Sciences, Environmental Biology). Students registered within the Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation Program, Bachelor of Paramedicine Program or students majoring in Meals & Diet may take this course after completion of Biology 131.