Plan to Move the Warehouses in the Following Effective Ways!


A warehouse is no longer just a storage facility. In nowadays supply chain, warehouses occupy the most important position to improve the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of your business. You may need to review if it turns out that the warehouse has not been able to optimally fulfill its functions.

There are several reasons why moving warehouses can bring benefits to your company:

-Your business has expanded beyond the capacity of the current warehouse

-Want to move warehouse facilities to be closer to your customers

-You may want to unite warehouses in some areas to be more centralized

Whatever the reason, moving the warehouse can not be considered a trivial thing. Express Fitouts can assist you in delivering warehouse moving services ranging from planning to execution and even providing reports and documentation on the moving process. If you are a company owner or a person who given responsibility for a warehouse transfer issue, here are some helpful tips we’ll share:

Contact a professional warehouse moving service company

With many companies providing moving services, you may feel overwhelmed. Beware lest you misselect a company that never handles a moving project on a large scale. Express Fitouts has experienced to handle the services of moving warehouses and trusted by various industries due to our exacting knowledge of the industry needs. Express Fitouts is the right choice because:

Having an experienced team and expert in moving warehouses, have handled various types of a project moving warehouses both from small scale, medium to large.

Has an asset inventory management system to help identify your assets. Warehouse transfers are closely related to asset Management/inventory. Express Fitouts has had our developed system called SIRAM (Asset relocation inventory system) with barcode and QR Code so all your assets are well-data and avoid the possibility of losing items. Assets/goods can be noted with the company’s internal asset number for easier identification. This service is very useful for moving the medium to large-scale warehouses. Learn more about the Express Fitouts service for Inventory Asset Management Services in the following article saving goods service

Provide moving equipment with quality packing material.

It has a variety of transportation fleet and adequate to handle a wide range of warehouse moving projects.

Have insurance to protect the risk of damage/loss of goods

Communicating with employees

Warehouse employees are the leading lineup that will feel the impact of moving. Communicate the plan of moving this warehouse from the distant days so they know the details of the moving locations, changes/additional jobs and their responsibilities on the day of the transfer. By delivering and divide assignments from the start, there will be no employee who feels lost direction.


Organize your Inventory today

When you move your warehouse, you’ll move the inventory in bulk. It’s time to get rid of inventory that is useless so you don’t have to bother to take it to a new warehouse location.

The process of moving warehouses is a fairly large project. You should make a list for each area you want to move to. By creating this list, you able to know what things are you can do yourself and which ones needs to use professional services. Make sure you contact our experienced warehouse moving services like Express Fitouts at least a month in advance to discuss details.