Prevent Cancer Before It Kills You


Are you concerned about Cancer? If yes, you might be searching for the best cancer prevention techniques. Search no more. Here in this article, we will explore some of the majestic tips you can adopt to prevent Cancer.

We all know that Cancer is a fatal disease. Unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of cancer. Dr. Sandeep Nayak suggests that making effective lifestyle changes and switching to healthy eating habits can significantly reduce cancer risk. Dr. Sandeep Nayak is one of the best oncologist in India


5 Best Cancer Prevention Tips

Let’s highlight some of the lifestyle changes that you should adopt to avoid the risk of the development of cancer.

1.    Consume Healthy Diet

The diet we consume has a significant impact on our overall health. Most of the health complications arise due to consuming an unhealthy diet and eating junk foods. Eating a healthy diet may not eliminate your cancer development risk; however, it can reduce the risk for sure.

  • Ensure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and other foods from plant sources such as whole grains and beans.
  • Consume fewer high-calorie foods, which include refined sugars and fat from animal sources. These will help you in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • If you can’t skip drinking alcohol, drink it in moderate quantities. The risk of certain types of cancers, including lung, kidney, and liver, increases with alcohol usage.
  • Consuming significant quantities of processed meats can increase the risk of certain types of cancers. So, limit the amount of processed meats.

Even after taking preventive measures and consuming a healthy diet, if you are experiencing health issues that may lead to can

cer, don’t delay getting in touch with the oncologist.

2.    Avoid Using Tobacco

Using tobacco products puts you at a greater risk of developing cancer. Relying on tobacco products and smoking has been strongly linked to certain types of cancers such as lung, throat, mouth, pancreas, larynx, cervix, and kidney.

Several studies suggest that chewing tobacco is strongly linked to the Cancer of the oral cavity and pancreas. Even for those who don’t use tobacco, exposure to secondhand smoke increases lung cancer risk. According to oncologists in India, tobacco is the major cause for cancer in India.

Hence, stopping the use of tobacco is an integral part of cancer prevention. You can use certain stop-smoking products and other strategies to quit smoking.

3.    Stay Physically Active

Physical activity plays a crucial role in keeping you healthy and reducing the risk of developing certain diseases, including cancer, prostate, lung, colon, and kidney. Physical activity also helps you in maintaining weight which is vital for improving your overall health.

Studies claim that striving to get at least 150 minutes of healthy activity can help maintain your weight and keep you healthy. As a general rule, develop a habit of indulging yourself in at least 30 minutes of healthy activity in your daily routine. You will observe significant improvements in your overall health.

4.    Protect Yourself from the Sun

Intense exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer which is the most common type of cancer. By taking necessary preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the chances of the development of skin cancer. Take the following preventative measures while exposing your skin to the sun to reduce skin cancer development chances.

  • The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10 am to 4 pm. So, avoid sitting in the sun during this time.
  • When you are roaming outside, stay in the shade for as much time as possible. Also, use sunglasses while going out during the daytime.
  • During the summer season, wear tightly woven, loose fighting clothing covering as much of your skin as possible. Prefer wearing bright or dark colors which reflect more UV rays that do pastels or bleached cotton.
  • If you are habitual of using a sun-screen, make sure to choose the one with an SPF of at least 30.

5.    Get Regular Medical Check-ups

Regular self-exams for various types of cancers such as the Cancer of the skin, cervix, and breasts increases your chances of discovering cancer at an early stage. The treatment at this stage is most likely to be successful. Consult your doctor regarding the best cancer schedule for you.