Public Versus Private School: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Institution


Where children learn impacts their ability to grow, both emotionally and intellectually. A safe and warm establishment, a place that suits your kids, is vital to developing them for the future. Since they spend countless hours and days in this location, it’s essential that parents like and appreciate the organization too.

Public School

A main perk of the public school sector is that it is no cost to families. Government taxes cover student learning, freeing those at home to devote funds to other bills. Also, under the Equal Education Act and Individuals with Disabilities Act, a free and appropriate education must be supplied to anyone in attendance; this policy ensures that learners with disabilities are provided equal access. Exceptional student education programs and 504 plans are available with parent or teacher requests and medical follow-ups.

A set curriculum is offered for the state, and annual testing is completed to monitor programs and student achievement. Districts oversee continuing educator learning, and certifications are required to work in the classroom.

Local kids are likely to attend, assisting students in forging connections with neighbors.

Private School

Because public schools follow national standards, the school districts cannot deviate from state expectations and laws. These rules and regulations limit how classes are created and the available curriculum. Some kids require a different approach or timeline. Parents may desire a more classical or religious approach.

In searching private school Arlington MA, parents may find institutions that focus on creating environments that allow for personal exploration and various lesson plans. The government cannot control the curriculum or rules. The independent funding provides more freedom and changes in pacing in how the location is run. 

Be aware that IEPs and 504 plans do not have to be followed. Many private schools have their own plans to assist with accommodations. Be sure to ask about learning disability programs.

Parents understand their children. No matter where you end up, be sure you and your kids feel confident and good about the decision.