Rejected Visa Management


Making a visa may be a frightening experience for most people. Why? Because Due to other than immigration, no one can guarantee whether you will be accepted or not to enter Australia. Therefore, most of you will be anxious while waiting for the results of immigration. From here, I will explain what happened to your status with this rejection.

What Happens After Your Application was Rejected

A visa application that is refused does not mean the end of the world. You can still arrange the visa again, and complete the rejection requirements given by Australian Immigration. And you have a responsibility to find out what immigration is lacking and to make the visa process from the start, you can also entrust your problem to one of immigration lawyer Sydney, Hermis & Associates.

Also, the process of making a visa will be longer and more difficult. Because you don’t just have a record that your visa has been refused, you have to complete the other visa documents and additional reasons why your visa has been denied to different places/countries.

Why Your Application was Rejected?

There are various reasons why visa applications are rejected, starting from

  • Incomplete documents
  • Your application does not have a logical flow
  • Questionable financial evidence
  • Sponsors who have problems
  • Did not pass the interview
  • Fake documents
  • The destination to Australia is not yet clear
  • Unclear return goals

And many others.

Prevention and Management

One suggestion that I can give to you is if you are not sure about your visa application, it would be better if you ask for consideration from a third party who has experience in this field such as (Immigration Agent) or make your visa application.

What Can Hermis & Associates Help?

For obtaining a visa that has been refused, you will later use the services of the Migration Agent from Hermis & Associates, which is directly handled by Simar. Later, you will be given a list of the required documents, and additional documents needed to process the return to Australian Immigration. So clients do not need to search for information back on the Internet, as well as premium services from Hermis & Associates.

Some information they need such as:

  • (Scan) Refusal Letter from Australian Immigration
  • A cover letter that you write to Australian Immigration regarding the reason for taking the visa.
  • Email, and telephone number to contact

These documents can be sent to the Hermis & Associates team. After that, about 1-2 days afterward consultants from Hermis & Associates will contact you again.

What Happens Next?

They will first check whether your application can be handled or not. What Hermis & Associates can find out from your refusal and cover letter to immigration. After arranging the consultation schedule, and getting the assessment results, you will find out the options you have to be able to carry out this visa, Hermis & Associates will provide whatever alternatives you need to make, and also other equipment to suit your situation.