The board appoints a new director of education

Jérémie Lepage started with the board in Moonbeam, his official duties as the new leader of the administrative team starting Jan. 1, 2024

There’s a new face at the helm of the French Catholic school board.

Jérémie Lepage has been appointed as the director of education and secretary treasurer of the Conseil scolaire catholique de district des Grandes Rivières (CSCDGR).

He’s accepted the position with “immense pride and a deep sense of responsibility”.

“I am committed to working closely with our educational community to ensure quality educational programs based on Catholic values ​​and to support the academic, social, and spiritual development of every student,” said Lepage in a CSCDGR news release.

Lepage started his career with CSCDGR in the late 1990s as a teacher at the Ecole Catholic St-Jules in Moonbeam and went on to hold positions as a learning consultant, principal and supervisory officer, where oversaw special education, mental health and school safety.

“The school board trustees expressed their confidence in Mr. Lepage to manage the school board, guide strategic planning, and lead the CSCDGR for the years to come,” said Roger Grégoire, board chair.

Lepage will serve as associate director of education on Sept. 1, 2023. His official duties as director of education begin Jan. 1, 2024.

“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Lepage at the helm of our administrative team. His passion for Catholic education, innovative vision, and inspiring leadership will be invaluable assets to our board. Together, we will continue to provide a quality education while encouraging our students to reach their full potential,” said Grégoire.