This Type of Exercise has Proven to be Effective in Preventing the Body from Losing Muscle Mass


Most people choose to exercise just to burn fat. But the benefits of exercise are not only that. Muscle training, it is also important to maintain strength, so that muscle mass does not decrease quickly. Preventing this loss of muscle mass is important so you avoid osteoporosis and sarcopenia, so you can do anything in old age. Preventing loss of muscle mass can also prevent you from gaining weight.

Benefits of doing muscle endurance exercises
Running may be one of the simple exercises that you often do to lose weight and maintain health. However, it turns out there are many simple sports that are easy to do and more useful for you. One type of exercise that you should not miss is muscle endurance training. GAVCOOP Fitness Rehabilitation is a sports physiology service, which is accredited as a physiological training center and a Personal Trainer. For more information about GAVCOOP Fitness Rehabilitation, you can visit

Benefits of doing muscle endurance exercises:

  1. Prevent osteoporosis
    Osteoporosis is characterized by weakness in the bones. Then make the bones no longer strong, especially in old age. However, by doing muscle endurance exercises, this seems to be avoided. Muscle endurance training can make your muscles and bones stronger. The more often the bones are given weight when doing resistance training, the bones will become stronger and away from osteoporosis
  2. Prevents sarcopenia
    Not only osteoporosis, but other problems such as sarcopenia also come in older people. Sarcopenia is a loss of muscle mass, which can start happening when you are 30 years old. This can cause you to lose strength.

    But you don’t need to worry because muscle endurance training can help you avoid sarcopenia in old age. This is because muscle endurance training can increase muscle strength and endurance. It can prevent you from losing muscle mass.


3. Helps to lose weight

Muscle endurance exercises are better able to help you lose weight. The more often your muscles work, the more muscle mass you have. That is, the more calories your body can burn to produce energy.

This is very useful for you. Why? By having a large muscle mass, the body will burn more calories and this can happen even if you are not exercising. With well-maintained muscle mass can also help maintain your body’s metabolism, thus preventing you from gaining excess weight.

How often do you have to train your muscular endurance to achieve the above benefits?

Every year after you have passed the age of 30, you can lose between 3-8% of muscle mass, depending on your level of activity and nutritional status.

However, this can be prevented by doing muscle endurance exercises. The more active you do the activity, the less muscle mass you lose each year.

Therefore, you are advised to do regular exercise, especially sports that exercise muscle endurance. Examples of sports that can train endurance are weight lifting, yoga, or movements that hold your weight.