Tips on How to Choose the Right Elementary School for Children


After attending school from 3 years to 6 years, it now goes to the Elementary School level. This level is the beginning level for children to enter real life. No longer spoiled anymore. Not playing much anymore.

Elementary School is the milestone for children to continue to the level of Secondary School and Higher Education

While at the Elementary School, they will be educated and introduced to real life. Trough the lessons that they learned. When they have been an elementary school student, then the teaching patterns were different. In choosing an elementary school, the role of parents was still important. Because the child is still unable to make a choice. Children are still in the adaptation period. Starting to change his childhood habits. In elementary school, children will meet with different teachers. Different teaching and rules. Choose Patana International School Bangkok which already has a clear track record that can guide students to achieve their greatest capability.

Here are 8 tips in choosing the right elementary school for children:

  1. Choose a location that is near home. Children will get tired if they have to go to school far away. To support the adaptation process, it would be better for children if the school is still school around the house.
  2. Choose a school that has complete extracurricular activities. Even though it is still elementary school, the habituation in following the extracurricular must begin. This will make it a habit.
  3. See the teacher’s competency. Choosing a Primary School cannot be careless. Choose a competent teacher and have an adequate education like Bangkok Patana School.
  4. Look at the environment. Safe or not. Choose a school that has good security. Despite being on the edge of the road, children are completely safe.
  5. Take a survey directly to the school. Look at the learning process. See if the activeness of children can be improved or not. See also the instructional media, complete or not.
  6. See the achievement of the school. Even though elementary school level, see the achievement of the schools in which students and teachers are involved.
  7. Communicate intensely with school partners. The conversation can take place directly with the teacher and the head of the school. Or also by searching for info from active student guardians. This will provide the most up-to-date information.
  8. Observe the activities of the school. These activities will be directly contact with the society. Indirectly, it will train the children being sociable.