What are the Salient Differences Between Health and Fitness?


Is there a difference between health and fitness? Yes, although we often hear about them as if they were the same thing. They are two complementary terms, which leads to thinking that the one who is in good shape is also healthy and vice versa. In reality, with the word fitness, we are only identifying a part or a component of what determines the general health of a person. It is possible to find people who are fit but not healthy. In this article, we will talk about the difference between health and fitness from their definition.

Meaning of Health

Health, according to the WHO, is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. If we are healthy people, we can cope with any challenge or stressful situation that arises in our life. According to resources on reviewsbird.co.uk, a person’s health is therefore subjective because it concerns our emotional and social well-being.

Meaning of Physical Fitness

When it comes to fitness, however, we can be in ideal physical shape when we are in good shape, agile in performing the heaviest physical activities, when we go to the gym and do regular physical activity. Physical fitness is therefore nothing more than the ability to perform certain physical exercises, without however confusing it with the physical activities performed by professional athletes.

Difference Between Health and Fitness

The differences between health and fitness are:


Some reviews of supplements’ stores define health as a situation in which our physical, mental and social condition is excellent. Fitness is nothing more than the physical component of health.


This parameter is measurable, unlike health. It defines our level of flexibility, strength, and endurance which make up our physical form and from which we can infer whether we are in shape or not. The word fitness also means the ability to perform certain physical tasks. The physical abilities of each of us are different, for example, a professional athlete relies on his physical skills to win an important competition.

The Relationship Between Health and Fitness

The relationship between health and fitness is that in order to move and do our workouts in the gym, we need to be in excellent health and therefore improve our fitness. We know that getting moving and exercising helps us lose those extra pounds, build muscle mass and therefore improve our health. To be in good shape you also need to be in good health, nourishing your body well without depriving it of some important nutrients. Going on extreme diets to be able to achieve a certain physical shape in a short time can cause us to lose many pounds but at the expense of our health. It is important to lose weight, but in the right way and with the right time it takes for our body to do so.

The calorie deficit that we need to lose weight if it continues in the long term can lead to poor eating and depriving us of our health. We, therefore, advise that to achieve the ideal physical shape, the right methods must be used. Although health and fitness are two concepts that go hand in hand, one should not trust the outward appearance of people, as health and fitness go further.

The best way to achieve excellent health and fitness is to ask a professional and thus follow a balanced diet by combining it with good physical activity. To be healthy, we must be able to do physical activities in our daily lives effectively and efficiently. Our physical form is a part of our general health, to have ideal physical shape and health, but we must obtain it without endangering our health.

In conclusion, our health and level of fitness are important aspects of maintaining balance throughout our life. To be in good shape, we can train and eat a balanced diet and thus achieve good health. If we train only without balancing our health, we will not achieve good health and therefore a fit person cannot be considered healthy.