What is the Purpose of a Sperm Test Kit and How to Use it?


With a sperm test kit, you can quickly find out if your sperm is of good quality and if you can easily make a child with your partner. This test is done in a few minutes at your home and allows you to make a self-evaluation of the quality of your semen. The test works in a simple way: you collect your semen in the kit, and this device analyzes the amount of sperm available in the seminal fluid. If your semen does not contain enough sperm, then this may mean that you have fertility problems. It will be necessary to seek the assistance of a doctor or male fertility specialist. Also, if you have had a vasectomy operation, you can opt for a sperm test after vasectomy to find out if you are able to become a father. In the following lines, you will discover how personal sperm tests work.

What information do sperm test kits provide?

With a sperm test kit, it is easy to calculate the number of sperm produced and to determine if the quantity is sufficient to fertilize an egg. Thus, it is possible to know if you have a chance of getting your partner pregnant during her ovulation period. If the sperm count is too low, it certainly means that your doctor will need to implement a procedure to improve the quality of your seminal fluid. However, this result may simply mean that your semen is not enough. You can’t know whether your semen is of good quality or not. For this, you will need to get in touch with fertility professionals.

How does the sperm kit test work in practice?

It is a quick test that is performed in a tube made of fiberglass. This equipment is designed for optimal water absorption and contains small pores capable of filtering the man’s semen. Thus, the upper layer of the membrane collects the spermatozoa. The latter obtain a darker color according to their quantity, thanks to a test liquid. The darker the color, the more sperm you have. This means that the number of sperm contained in your seminal fluid is greater than or equal to the normal level, which is about 20 million sperm/ml. Also, if the color obtained is lighter than the reference color of the test, it means that the amount of sperm in your semen is low, less than 20 million per milliliter.