Why Choose Homeopathy?


The second most used medicinal system in the world is homoeopathy. It is healthy, gentle and non-toxic, as well as non-addictive. As well as being holistic, it can be used for physical, mental and emotional problems from cradle to grave. If the homoeopath does a good job, you can not only fix the problem for which you are going to see them, you will also obtain a whole new lease on life.

Interviews with 100 homoeopathic patients in the San Francisco Bay Area indicate that patients are predominantly young, well-educated, and have white-collar jobs; most had previously sought and found unsatisfactory mainstream medical care. Examples of negative side effects from medication, lack of dietary or preventive medical counselling, and lack of health education were among the reasons for their dissatisfaction. Here in this blog Dr Yogesh Jadhav briefs the benefits of choosing homoeopathic treatment.   Dr Yogesh Jadhav is the chief doctor in one of the best homeopathy clinic in Aurangabad, India.

Reasons for opting for homoeopathy

  1. Kit out for day-to-day illnesses

To use it highly efficiently on a day-to-day basis, you don’t have to have a degree in homoeopathy. You will relieve a surprising range of issues with a package of a dozen or so homoeopathic remedies, avoiding the use of painkillers and antibiotics and nipping complaints in the bud. For cuts, falls and shock, give arnica; for food poisoning, arsenic; and for stings and bites, apis. Bathe the wounds in warm water with a few drops of calendula tincture as a homoeopathic antiseptic. For hangovers, you can also take nux vomica!

  1. It helps you, and you only!

One of the strongest points of homoeopathy is that it treats the person rather than the illness. If you have arthritis, instead of the condition arthritis, it treats you with arthritis. So a homoeopath will concentrate on your own individual symptoms, your arthritic condition’s idiosyncracies-what makes it better or worse, where it is located, when it began, your threshold of pain, your personality, what makes you tick.

  1. It comes to the center of the issue

The problem with many treatments is that they operate by treating rather than curing a disease. Steroid creams, for instance, can miraculously make eczema vanish. But all too often, by doubling its energy to generate eczema, the body reacts! The issue comes back with a vengeance as soon as you stop applying cream. In this way, homoeopathy is not suppressive. To get to the heart of why they are ill, it looks at the causes of people’s diseases.

  1. Only put YOU in charge!

The control is put back to the patient by homoeopathy. It lets you take care of the wellbeing of your own. A few homoeopath appointments for many complaints will not only alleviate your symptoms, but also give you alternatives: forget to reach for the Nurofen for any headache, or for your heartburn, Renees! If they’re menopausal, women don’t have to take HRT!

  1. More electricity in your batteries

Few homoeopath appointments for many complaints will not only alleviate your symptoms, but also improve your overall vitality and willingness to cope with life’s stresses. Health is not only about physical care, it gives you restored mental and emotional capacity if physical issues are eased. In my work, one of the thoughts I hear most as individuals get better is ‘I have so much more energy! ’

  1. Chronic problems ease

Many long-term diseases may benefit from homoeopathic action, such as diabetes and heart attacks. Remedies can be used to minimize dependence, relieve side effects and generally make life more comfortable in combination with current treatment.

The most safe, non-toxic and rapid therapies in action are homoeopathic remedies. It is the second-largest therapeutic device in the world, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).