Why Christmas is a Great SEO Opportunity for Your Business


SEO is a very powerful tool if harnessed properly. With SEO, you can transform your business from a meager 5 figures income to a 7 figures income conglomerate. With the festive period around the corner, sales of items are sure going to spike up, as more people will be online in search of products to purchase. If you have those products they want but your website’s SEO is bad, then you would not attract the right traffic to your website. That is why you need an SEO expert who would help in configuring and building your website, so Google ranks you better when your next customer is searching. There are a few seasonal SEO tips, you ought to know to take advantage of the huge bounty in the season. With many retailers voraciously waiting for this season, having the right information could be the difference between more traffic and the continued downward trend you have been experiencing in your business. Checking online for tips to celebrate Christmas and New Eve would help you know the most in-demand products in the market.

SEO tips for businesses during Christmas

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Google Analytics review

Google has a built-in analytics functionality which website owners and businesses can leverage to review their website performance. Some of the information provided includes the number of people the website reached, what did they do once they arrived on the website, what areas of your site did well? These are a few of the reports generated by Google Analytics. With this report, you can then ascertain which product on your website drove a lot of traffic, which referral link brought in more customers.

Review meta

If your website is a big one, restructuring the meta content such as page title and description, and headers could increase the activities of SEO on your website. Since Christmas is around the corner, you can completely revamp the Christmas section of the website. while reviewing the meta, checking for on-page content is reflective of the meta chosen and is backed by sufficient content on the site.

Targeting Christmas Searches

While typing people often do ‘panic searching’ such as ‘great tech presents for tricky teenagers’ and the likes. With people constantly searching like this, you may need to adapt your website to respond to haphazard searches like this. So, making your products keyword specific is really important and cannot be underplayed. With a niche phrase, you can exploit the search engine to ensure your products and website ranks better when people include those keywords.

Create Categories

You could do your website some good by adding the filter functionality, as it is difficult for people to scroll endlessly especially when the stock on that site is much. With a filter, you can help customers shop efficiently, consider adding a Christmas tab on the website, to help customers quickly and efficiently navigate around the website with even more ease.

Paid Search

Often referred to as PPC advertising, PPC is often competitive but giving it a try doesn’t hurt. With the number of shoppers this period, trying out every technique and method that would bring increasing sales is a great idea. For paid search, you select a few products especially those related to Christmas- these could be products you really need to shift (think sell-by dates or even on-trend items) or products with the biggest profit margin and those with massive people appeal.

Local SEO

Google provides an SEO tool referred to as Google My Business, with this you can strategically ensure your business appears on top searches when it’s searched as a local business. This means if your business is located in LA, if someone in LA, types businesses in LA, your company/business would be some of the top searches.

Offline Tactics

Most business often rules out offline activities, but in a Christmas marketing campaign, knowing where your target audience hangs out could really be helpful. If your local business has good patronage, then you got to think of a way to expose those products to others around the same vicinity.

Top of the funnel searches

Funnel searches could also help your business rank better this Christmas. People often want to get the pros and the cons of a particular product before they decide to purchase them. You can provide buyers with the pros and cons of shopping for a particular product. You can also try out a comparison of two closely related products. Buyers love it when online stores they are buying for are honest and informative as this would help them decide on what products to purchase.

Internal linking

After doing the work of bringing people to your website, it would be frustrating to see them bounce or leave without buying or any prospects of buying in the future. Internal linking is really important, as it helps provide prospects with the next relevant piece of content or product. It’s an often-subtle way of enticing a user to click through to another page. Some of the tactics used include ‘if you like this, you might also like…’ or links to contact pages.

Keep in mind, a good website must have good backlinks too. There is nothing wrong if you spend more effort to get quality backlinks so that your website will be of higher quality in the future.

Out of stock

Your products are sure to go out of stock, after applying the aforementioned principles, but being out of stock before Christmas can leave shoppers disappointed, rather than leaving them like that you can redirect them to a similar product to provide them consolation.

These are a few tricks to try out for SEO for your website if you intend to increase the traffic to your business and products.